Green Initiatives

Allstate Goes Green

Taking our planet into consideration when making even the smallest decisions can result in a positive impact on our environment, and Allstate Management is committed to doing our part toward sustainability. In addition to our online and paperless processes for services such as leasing apartments, paying rent and requesting maintenance, our green initiatives include:

  • Recycling
    • Trash removal at all of our Communities now includes the pick-up and recycling of glass, plastics, paper and cardboard
    • All electronics from our Community offices are recycled whenever possible
    • All office paper/supplies (copy paper, ink cartridges, etc) from our Community offices are recycled
    • Newly installed carpet is recyclable

  • Conserving Energy
    • Energy efficient light bulbs are in all buildings
    • Common area restroom lights  and thermostats are on timers
    • Weather-stripping is employed when necessary
    • Low water-flow devices are installed on replacement

  • Using Sustainable Resources
    • Eco-friendly laminate, vinyl or tile flooring is installed on replacement
    • Energy-efficient appliances are installed on replacement
    • Energy-efficient windows are installed on replacement

  • Using Eco-friendly Cleaning & Repair Supplies
    • Green cleaning products
    • Non-toxic paint